From branding to web to marketing, every type of customer can count on the necessary know-how and professional guidance from our full-service package.


Each project is unique and is approached uniquely. No quick, stereotypical approach, but a process based on clear communication, consultation and customized solutions. Whether it concerns starters in need of an original corporate identity, website and marketing plan, or an advanced web module for the automation of a business process, the focus stays on results.


Are you a starter, in need of a fresh, original and recognizable corporate identity? From a creative, contemporary logo to a suitable business card and stationery, your newly created corporate identity is the cornerstone of your visual identity – with which your company will quickly become identified and recognizable.

Or, after a number of years, do you need a rebranding, a refresh of your logo or your corporate identity? We examine your needs in close consultation, and then we focus on a fresh redesign of the various elements. Applied, where necessary, to the various communication channels: website, social media, façade, vehicles,...



In line with your corporate identity, we design your website according to the latest standards, making it clear, tasteful, and user- and mobile-friendly. This is your online business card – introducing customers and interested parties to your company, its services and products, and inviting them to contact you.

Always optimized for search engines, so that the right target group finds you easily. Optionally, with a module or a protected section for your own management. And did you know that your website can also contain underlying modules that facilitate or automate your business organization or sales process? (see web development)


Web development

Lason Media has years of experience in the custom development of database-driven modules for various business processes, whether or not linked to your website. These modules can help your company or organization simplify or automate your services, sales, auctions,...

Because these modules are completely custom-built from scratch, we can also offer great flexibility with regard to later extensions or adjustments. We have developed for the most diverse sectors: car platforms, real estate, social sector, auction platform, schools,...



WordPress – one of the best known and most popular open-source CMS systems – holds no secrets for us. We link your customized website to WordPress’s basic management system, and thus combine ease-of-use and system flexibility with maximum security.



Of course, your website benefits from the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advantages: it is easily found via targeted keywords, it attracts the right visitors and encourages them to contact you about your services. All of our web projects receive a solid basic SEO treatment – and if desired, we can apply advanced SEO techniques for maximum effect.

Are you starting a business, or are you active in a very competitive sector? Then, SEA (Search Engine Advertising) can be advantageous. We’ll help you set up such a campaign optimally, so that you receive the best return.


Social media

In the last few years, social media have taken a prominent place on the World Wide Web. In addition to being a platform for friends and associates, they also have an interest in publicizing and promoting your business. Lason Media helps you set up a corporate-identity-compliant company page on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram,...

Would you like to achieve maximum effect in promoting your business by cleverly combining corporate identity, website and social media? Lason Media can disseminate news and campaigns simultaneously, and in combination, on the various channels, so that you are fully visible to customers and prospects.


Digital marketing

If you would like to boost your business or turnover, digital marketing is a rewarding and cost-effective way to do so. Lason Media sets up the right tool for you, so that you can send your periodic newsletters – proudly displaying your corporate identity – to your customer base.

Setup and sending are work- and cost-effective, and the result is attention, contact and requests. Would you like to send prospective mailings to potential customers? We help you determine the target audience and approach them in the appropriate way.



Stable and secure hosting of your website or module is crucial to the continuity of your business and to maintaining the trust of your customers. Lason Media is a partner of Combell, a highly regarded hosting provider that invests continuously in innovation and the security of their data centers.

Contact us for registration of your domain names, custom web hosting, mailboxes,... Everything is handled quickly and properly, so that you become the owner of your desired domain name and can quickly start with your own webpage or website, without any worries!



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